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I need a song like that! Kamal asked the musician! This is how Guna film song was created!.

Guna is a story created by Kamal Haasan. The film was directed by Santhanabharathi with Balakumaran writing the dialogues and the music composed by Ilayaraja. A mentally ill person pretends to be Shiva. Also, he abducts a woman coming to the temple to marry her, mistaking her for Parvati.

He shuts him up in a house on top of a hill. On one side, there is a mob trying to grab the girl’s property and on the other, police officers are looking for the girl. What happened in the end?.. The story is about what happened to Kamal’s love.

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Kamal Haasan will give a great performance in this film. The songs in Ilayaraja’s music touched the hearts of the fans. However, this film was not well received by the fans at that time. But the fans who love world cinemas always talk about Guna.

This film is not well understood by the fans. Many people say that the film would have run better if they had understood. Now there is a Malayalam movie called Manjumel Boys focusing on the cave where this movie was shot. Many people are talking about this film.

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The film is getting good response from the fans in Chennai and Kerala. The song ‘Kanmani Anbodu Valanthan’ from the film Guna also features in a scene in the film. Kamal and Santana Bharti had said that this was a khusumps for them. Kamal has personally called the crew and praised them.


For this film, Kamal asked Ilayaraja to give a song like the old song ‘Ka…Va..Va..Kanda Va’, in which the protagonist laments. The song that was created like that is the song ‘Phartha Vhi Parthapati Bhoothu Uta’.

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