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I thought wrong! Ponnambalam was proud of Ajith’s help

Actor Ajith is a great actor in Tamil film industry. It is difficult to succeed in cinema without any partner or support. But if Ajith has come this far, we must also consider the hardships he has gone through.



Ajith’s father was also the one who supported Ajith’s growth from Silent Support. Since his death, Ajith has lost one arm. Also, Ajith, who is interested in racing, has hundreds of stitches in his body due to several accidents and is still thinking of making it in cinema.

Actor Ponnambalam has told about this in detail in an interview. Ajith and Ponnambalam have acted together in a few films. Ajith has also been very close to Ajith. Ajith is called Ponnambalam Thambi.

Ajith took off his shirt when he felt a pain while working in films like Adhreen and Amarkalam. Ponnambalam was shocked when he saw his back. As stunt artists, we are not prepared for this. But Ajith is shocked that this is the case.

Thousands of stitches were applied from the neck to the anus. It is the result of bike oxidant. Ponnambalam also said that he was able to help without anyone knowing. Once Ponnambalam’s friend’s son had to undergo an operation.

ajith 2

ajith 2

So a few people like Prabhu and Khushbu needed the remaining 50000 rupees to provide financial assistance. Immediately Ponnambalam trusted Ajith. After telling the details, Ajith listened to it. Ponnambalam has reiterated that he can deputize for Ajith again during the shooting break.

Ponnambala was shocked when Ajith said, ‘Brother, I asked Shalini to pay that money in the morning’. Speaking about this, Ponnambalam said, ‘This is just one incident, I got a good impression of Ajith that day, no matter what anyone says, Ajith’s mind will not be touched by anyone.’

And Ponnambalam said that even though I was not well, Rajini and Kamal were worried that only Ajith didn’t ask anything to inquire about my health. It was only after that that Ponnambalam came to know. At that time, Ajith’s father was not able to do much, so Ajith paid attention to it, so I thought that he would not have thought about me.



Ponnambalam said about Ajith, “However, Ajith is thinking in his mind, when I get a film opportunity, I can call my brother and then he will help me in some way.”

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