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I won’t go to anyone and ask for a chance… Balachander’s decision to get tough with cinema!..

Balachander is one of the directors who introduced many stars to Tamil cinema. Director Balachander has always had good respect in the cinema as he has nurtured many actors who are currently very popular in Tamil cinema.

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Balachander has helped a lot in the rise of great actors like Kamal Rajinikanth especially in the early stage. Balachander was initially interested in plays.

He was well received in the plays. After that, Balachander decided to get an opportunity in Tamil cinema. But getting an opportunity in Tamil cinema is not as easy as acting in a drama. He had to suffer a lot for that.

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Balachander concluded:

There was a situation where I had to go up and down to the offices of many producers. This greatly affected Balachander’s self-esteem. Therefore, Balachander decided not to go up and down any producer’s office in cinema anymore.

K. Balachandar

After that, Balachander returned to theater and occupied a very important place there, after which producers started coming in search of Balachander. His friend Pramidhu Natarajan shared this matter in an interview.

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