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If I act like this, the film will not run!.. Viboothi ​​hit the director with Coconut Srinivasan…

If I act like this, the film will not run!.. Viboothi ​​hit the director with Coconut Srinivasan…

Actor Thengai Seenivasan: We have seen so many comedians in Tamil cinema. But Tenkai Srinivasan is the only actor who makes others laugh without rolling his eyes.

It must be said that despite the passage of time, an actor like him has not been born in this Tamil cinema. Not only as a comedian, but also by playing character roles and villains, he impressed people a lot.

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Although Tenkai Srinivasan has acted in many films, no one can forget the role he played in Rajinikanth’s Dillu Mullu. In that film, he is being deceived without knowing that he is being deceived.

Is there a way around it though? No one can ever do that and there are many problems that can be faced in life at this stage. It will come not only in life but also in the fields where we work.

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If such problems are solved smoothly, no other big problems will arise. Tenkai Srinivasan has the ability to easily handle such issues in cinema. Once for a film, the director asked Tenkai Srinivasan to come shirtless while coming home.

But one thing Coconut Srinivasan doesn’t like is acting shirtless. So he went up with Banyan despite what the director said. Seeing that, the director shouted in anger.

To that Coconut Srinivasan your assistant came and told me. But even for me, I have never run shirtless. Keeping that in mind I wore a banyan today.

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Tell me if you want. He said I will remove the banyan. It is anyone’s guess as to what happened after this. Chitra Lakshmanan said that Tenkai Srinivasan is the one who uses his wits to come out with such humor and at the same time escape without trouble.

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