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If my father and Ajith’s father were in the beyond.. He is a human being! Flexible registration

Actor Ajith: Ajith has recently become the most talked about actor in Kollywood. He is also the content of the moment on social media. Ajith’s recent photos are taking over the internet. While some groups are updating Ajith’s Azerbaijan photo without knowing who is uploading this photo.

On the other side, actor Aarav is also seeking publicity for Ajith by posting his photos. In this situation, the famous cinematographer M.S. Prabhu recently shared his cinematic experiences through an interview. He also told some interesting incidents about Ajith.

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MS Prabhu worked as cinematographer for Ajith starrer Wali and Adhreen. Prabhu said that Ajith treated SJ Suriya with great dignity and respect when he was in the film Vaali. Ajith made me wonder if such a hero could exist.

Similarly, he was also concerned about the time of the address film. It was at that time that MS Prabhu’s father and Ajith’s father were admitted to Apollo Hospital. Ajith came for his father’s checkup. MS, Prabhu’s father was counting the last minute.

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Knowing that, Ajith was very supportive of Prabhu. We need a shoulder at that point. I can’t forget that Ajith was there for me till now. The best actor in the cast can be whoever you want. But the best man in the cast is Ajith. MS Prabhu said that the man in that man is very holy.

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