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If only Shivaji had done it, he would have gone to another level!.. Anna’s wish that was not fulfilled…

Sivaji Ganesan: Actor Thilakam Sivaji Ganesan saw the performance of many people who came into cinema. Did he act? He lived in every character and showed it. So how can you easily forget him? Just say the name Veerapandiya Kattabomman.

The person who immediately comes to our mind can only be Shivaji. Say it as V. Uzi. Do you know the face of freedom fighter Chidambaram? Our actor Thilak will not stand as a face.

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In this way, he has shown all the people in his one image, be it mythological stories, characters who were admirable leaders in history, characters of freedom fighters.

Could we have seen an actor like this if only Parashakti had not come out? He is the best actor who easily delivered the heroic lines and won the applause of all the people in his first film.

Shivaji used to stay in Arignar Anna’s house in the early days. Then Shivaji’s gentle voice attracted Anna very much. Anna, who thought that he wanted only one speaker, wanted to make Shivaji a speaker in the Dravida Kazhagam. That’s why he will bring Shivaji to the campaign meeting.

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Then he asked Shivaji to speak in a campaign. Our actor Thilakam is used to speaking on stage. So he walked left and right on the campaign stage except where the mic was. The mic will stop in the middle.

Seeing this, Anna said, ‘You will not be suitable for politics, nor for campaigning. He chased him away by saying, ‘Run to the cinema.’

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