If you buy one MacBook accessory on Prime Day, it needs to be this one

If you buy one MacBook accessory on Prime Day, it needs to be this one

There are a ton of great Prime Day MacBook deals available right now, even covering Apple’s new M1 MacBook Air and M1 MacBook Pro. If you plan to pick one of these new MacBooks up, or you already have a MacBook, your next thought might be on what kind of accessories to get for it.

One of the most popular accessories to pick up for a MacBook is a stand. While you can always use the MacBook without one, a stand has a ton of benefits: It’s more ergonomic, works better as a second display if you have your MacBook hooked up to an external monitor, and it brings your FaceTime camera closer to eye level. That last one is worth its weight in gold as no one likes the usual camera angle you get from a MacBook.

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If you’ve been thinking about getting even one accessory for your MacBook, I’d immediately point you to the ParcSlope from Twelve South. I had the opportunity to review the stand earlier this year, and I was blown away by how much of a difference it made when I made my MacBook Air my primary productivity device.

Twelve South Parcslope

Twelve South ParcSlope | $8 off at Amazon

If you want a stand that does double-duty as a laptop riser and as a stand for raising your iPad to a better sketching angle, then Twelve South’s ParcSlope is for you. The matte black version is close to 15% off.

The ParcSlope is a minimal stand for your MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro that is designed to make working from a laptop more productive. When I tested it out for a week, I noticed that I experienced less fatigue in my wrists, elbows, neck, and back at the end of the day. That’s due to the 18-degree angle of the stand, which was specifically chosen for its ergonomic benefits.

Twelve South Parcslope With Macbook Air

Source: Joe Wituschek / iMore

The angle also results in the screen of your MacBook being higher but not too high. It’s a good height for working all day without having to slouch over in order to stare at your screen. It’s also in a better position for attending virtual meetings. Gone are the days of the camera pointing directly up your nose.

The nice thing about the ParcSlope is that it’s also great to use as a stand if you’re hooking up your MacBook to an external display. Or, if you’re trying to put together a truly minimal desk setup and your MacBook is going to be your only device, the ParcSlope is an essential productivity accessory.

I’ll put it this way. I was kind of skeptical about using a laptop stand and, after a week of using the ParcSlope, I tried and failed at attempting to work without it.

Whether you’ve just picked up a M1 MacBook Air or M1 MacBook Pro or you just want to upgrade to your MacBook experience, the ParcSlope from Twelve South is a stellar addition to your desk setup.

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