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If you discover security vulnerabilities in Movistar, you can obtain a financial reward

In some cases the operator will reward those who report security breaches

If you discover security vulnerabilities in Movistar, you can obtain a financial reward
Now detecting errors has retribution

The recent Orange hack has alerted the other operators. One of them is Movistar, which already offers rewards for those who report security and privacy vulnerabilities. It’s something anyone can do, whether you’re a security expert, developer, or customer. In this way, the company seeks to protect itself.

How to inform Movistar

“Movistar has a vulnerability research program that, in some cases, contemplates financial compensation. The reported vulnerability will be analyzed and, if it fits the pre-established criteria within the program, the sender will be invited to enter it.” it is indicated in the Movistar Transparency Center.

Anyone can participate. The only requirement is to believe you have detected a vulnerability of security or privacy that affects Movistar’s network, devices or systems.

It is possible to do it in two ways:

  • Through this form
  • Sending an email to csirt.es@telefonica.com

In both cases you must provide the following information:

  • Affected product and/or software versions.
  • Description of the detected vulnerability.
  • Guide with the necessary steps to reproduce the problem or images/videos in which the problem can be observed.

If you choose the form, you can report the problem anonymously by filling out only the problem information. If you wish to receive a financial rewardIt is also best to fill in your contact information: name and surname, telephone number and email.

If you discover security vulnerabilities in Movistar, you can obtain a financial reward

This is what the Movistar form looks like

On the other hand, if you communicated by email, you will receive an automatic response confirming receipt of it. In case Movistar workers need more informationThey will contact you by email, something they will also do if you communicated by form and left the email.

The operator Does not offer much information about possible rewardsBeyond the fact that there is a research program that will pay you if they determine that it is a serious problem.

Aside from the vulnerabilities, in the Movistar Transparency Center Information on reporting fraud, attacks, security incidents or scams is also included., like the one we reported last November. It is not indicated that you can receive a reward for reporting it, but, if you want to contact Movistar to inform them, this is how you can do it for each problem:

  • Fraud: call 1004
  • Attack on Movistar devices: call 1004 or 1002
  • Movistar identity theft: filled This formulary
  • Potential security incident from Movistar IP addresses: send an email to nemesys@telefonica.es

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