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If you like soccer, this Prime Video series will show you the dark side of its fans

This series will give you the willies by showing you the world of soccer at its darkest point.

If you like soccer, this Prime Video series will show you the dark side of its fans
The series is committed to a stark vision of “hooliganism”

There are series that show us the friendlier side of football in a great way. This is the case of “Ted Lasso”, the star series of the Apple TV catalog. However, this time it is time to talk about a series that will show us the darker side of football, moving us to an ultra-Argentine fan to highlight how dangerous these organizations can be that begin as mere animation groups to support the teams of the different soccer leagues in the world. To do this, we will have to pull the prime video catalog.

The most visceral series about soccer fans

The series is “Barrabrava” and follows the life of two “bars”, that is, two “hooligans” from the world of Argentine soccer. Both are brothers, César and Polaco, and they are expelled from their Club Atlético Puerto group due to internal dissensions after serious problems. From that moment on, the brothers will carry out an important mission: declare war on the gang, endangering not only their lives, but that of all those around them.

In this way, and with very decent production values, we get fully into the lives of those who take soccer as an exceptionally radical way of life and show us that dark side of soccer. The series is violent, crude and shows us an Argentina in which the economic and social problems are also really palpable. In short it is a very complete and interesting series which is so worth it.

In summary, the series offers the following:

  • The bars are the most famous fans in the world. in a few places there are fans as powerful as those found in Latin America and, specifically, in Argentina.
  • In this series we follow two brothers who are expelled from the barrabrava of Club Atlético Puerto. When that happens, they will carry out a campaign to end it, which will put their lives in danger by the measures violent that the fans will take to stop them.
  • In the end, many such organizations act like true criminal organizations, so the series also has a point of gangster series
  • The series also leads us to see some aspects of Argentinaespecially in the political and social field, so it is a wonderful X-ray of these aspects as well.
  • In some aspects it reminds us of “Green Street Hooligans”, a film that follows the adventures of a group of ultras from West Ham United and that shows the world of hooliganism in a casual but also tragic way.

“Barrabrava” has very good scores. In IMDB has reached 7.6 by the public, while in FilmAffinity At the moment it has a 6.8. Although not many people have voted, since it is a niche series, it is true that lovers of the soccer subculture will find it extremely interesting.

Users with an Amazon Prime subscription will be able to watch “Barrabrava” on Amazon Prime Video.

Watch “Barrabrava” on Amazon Prime Video


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