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IKEA confirms HomeKit support for its new smart air purifiers

Another new IKEA product is getting HomeKit support, but there is a catch.

In a press release, IKEA announced the STARKVIND, a new smart air purifier that can work as a standalone product or morph into a side table. The product has a 3-filter system that works to eliminate odors as well as remove smaller airborne particles and gaseous pollutants in the home.

STARKVIND air purifier is designed for indoor use and to be optimized for room size up to 20 m2. It can be used on its own, but when connected to the TRÅDFRI gateway, the smart air purifier can be controlled and scheduled via the IKEA Home smart app. STARKVIND air purifier has five different fan speeds and an auto-mode. In auto mode, it will adjust the fan speed correlated with the amount of PM2.5 in the air with a built-in air quality sensor. The sensor also makes it readable in the app for the current indoor air quality. STARKVIND is available in two versions, a floor-standalone model and a side table model, to meet different needs and taste.

Henrik Telander, Product Owner at IKEA of Sweden, says that their goal was to integrate “the function of purifying air and technology to provide good experience for customers at home.”

“STARKVIND is a high-performing air purifier. When designing it, we also wanted it to have a modern design which can be adapted to changing lifestyles. People can choose based on their needs and preference … Clean indoor air is an important factor for health. We know that there is no single solution to solve indoor air pollution. We work long term for positive change, to enable people to purify the air in their home.”

In a win for HomeKit fans, HomeKit Authority confirmed that the new air purifier will work with HomeKit. However, IKEA did clarify that it will need to be connected to the company’s TRÅDFRI gateway in order to work with smart home ecosystems. IKEA says that the exact launch date for the STARKVIND will vary between markets so check your local IKEA’s website to find out when it is rolling out in your area. It did say, however, that it will begin to roll out in select markets in October.

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