EntertainmentIlayaraja put the tune while in the hospital!.. Do...

Ilayaraja put the tune while in the hospital!.. Do you know what song?..


Musician Ilayaraja has captivated everyone with his melodious music in Tamil cinema. Even in the quietest places, his music continues to play. When our mind is hurt sometimes it tries to forget the moment with some kind of music. At that time most people were looking for the musician’s music.



He has answers to all kinds of emotions through music. From sad to happy, to lullaby, to night songs, his wonderful songs are adapted to all times. The man who first set the tune with Annakkili continues to entertain us till date.

Rajini, Kamal, Vijayakanth’s films were made proud by his music. That many tunes per minute? Ilayaraja will finish putting it to a surprising extent. In the same way, he would like to put it in the same film, let it be the tunes that he has already put.


rajini movie

He is confident that all the tunes he composed will become hits. At one time they were shooting in Ooty for Rajini’s film ‘Thambikku En Ooru’. Halfway through the shooting, Ilayaraja suddenly fell ill.

Only two songs for the film are yet to come. He immediately told the director Ilayaraja that if we get only those two songs, we will complete the entire shoot and leave Ooty. He immediately composed the necessary tunes for the songs of Ilayaraja and sent them to the recording theater.



Ilayaraja also listened to the song in SBB’s voice over the phone and corrected the errors and completed the recording of the song. See what a professional devotion? That song is the song ‘Kathalin Deepam Idtu Mandanale’. Chitra Lakshmanan told this interesting information.

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