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I’m not the next Rajamouli!.. Lingusamy will take Mahabharata after the market goes!…

Lingusamy: Lingusamy made his directorial debut in Kollywood with the movie Anandham. While the fans thought that he would make feel good films like Vikraman, he gave a surprise by doing an action film called Run. After that action films became his style.

His film Baiya with Karthi was also a super hit. He directed Vishal’s film Chandakozhi which gave Vishal a huge hit. However, after that the films directed by Lingusamy were not successful. He directed the film G with Ajith. His films like Bhima with Vikram and Vedati with Arya did not run.

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Similarly, Suriya’s film Anjaan, in which he portrayed Badshah Rajini Ranj, was trolled by fans. After 4 years after that film, Lingusamy again made Chandakozhi 2 with Vishal. But that film also blew up.

No big actors gave Lingusamy a call sheet due to his continuous flops. So, he went to Andhra Pradesh and directed a movie called Warrior with Ram Pothineni. The film released in both Tamil and Telugu languages ​​and became a super flop.

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Lingusamy, who didn’t think about directing for many months, is now going to direct a new film. He has taken up the story of Mahabharata which is well received by the fans whenever it is taken.

Like Rajamouli, Lingusamy is going to make this story at a huge cost. It is said that he probably picked up a producer from Hindi. He has taken some promo videos and sent them to the producer. Everything is ok but the film is said to be taken off. If there is any benefit in the story of Mahabharata, the film can be published in many languages. So, this time Lingusamy is determined to give a hit anyway.

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