Saturday, October 1, 2022

எண்ணம் போல் வாழ்க்கை..!

In honor of its 50th anniversary, HBO promises news on The Last of Us and other shows

Over the next 50 days, HBO will be sharing HBO Originals news with fresh trailers, behind-the-scenes photos, previously unreleased footage, script excerpts, and more.

Series exclusive content coming soon The Last of Us, “Time to Win: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty”, “We are here”, “White Lotus”, “Righteous Gemstones”, “Heirs“. And today they showed a small excerpt from the sixth episode “Dragon Houses”which premieres on September 25th.

Recall that the release of the series on The Last of Us is scheduled for 2023. The main roles are played by Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsay and Gabriel Luna.

An excerpt from the sixth episode of “House of the Dragon”

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