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in the third season of The Witcher they can show the fight between Ciri and a wyvern

Edition Redanian Intelligence informs about replenishment of the cast the third season of the series The Witcher in the face Stuart Thompsonwho will play Fabio Sax.

Fabio is a minor character in the book “Hour of Contempt” who gets to know ciri in Gors Velene. Apparently, Thompson will play in the 3rd or 4th episode.

The appearance of Fabio could mean that fans will be able to see a demonstration of Ciri’s fighting skills, who, according to the plot of the book, has to face a wyvern in Gors Velen. By the way, this moment inspired the developers The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to create a side quest “The most truthful basilisk“.

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Stuart Thompson

The third season of the series is already in production, but the premiere date is unknown. Previously, it became known who will play roles of sorceresses Marguerite Lo-Antil and Keira Metz. There was also a hint of a possible appearance another False Ciri.

In addition, Redanian Intelligence revealed the identities of three more actors., that will appear in the new season of The Witcher. Lucas Aurelio (“Pretenders”) will play a character named Anthony (Antony, Anthony – it is possible that this is a “code name”). George Wigzell (“The Bridgertons”) can play elfbut about the role Abraham Jarman (“Informant”) is still unknown.

Lucas Aurelio, George Wigzell, Abraham Jarman

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