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Increased 2.5G performance for SMEs and professional users

The new cloud-based managed switches have high-performance PoE++ and 10G options that provide seamless, high-speed connectivity with easy management and space-saving design.

Zyxel Networks, a leading provider of secure, AI and cloud-based networking solutions, has introduced the XMG1915 series – a family of intelligent managed switches. The devices are designed to provide small businesses and professional home users (prosumers) with the throughput and versatility needed to support today’s high-bandwidth applications and services.

With the rise of hybrid and home working, high-definition video content and cloud services, small businesses and prosumers need much more network bandwidth. Additionally, supporting the latest wireless technologies, IP surveillance cameras, and connected devices at the edge of the network requires an increased Power over Ethernet (PoE) budget.

The XMG1915 series is designed to meet these changing requirements. The 8- and 16-port models provide 2.5 Multi-Gigabit Ethernet capability on each port. There are also 10G uplinks for connecting to the network core, as well as PoE++ options that deliver up to 60W to the connected device. Thanks to flexible cloud management, the switches are easy to install and manage.

Kell Lin, Senior Vice President of Zyxel Networking Strategic Business Unit, said: “Small businesses, content creators, and prosumers are challenged by changing ways of working, the increased bandwidth demands of modern applications and services, and the growing number of devices used at the edge of the network. The XMG1915 series offers them a fast, versatile and cost-effective solution Nebula provides easy installation and management options through our cloud management platform.”

With Nebula, switches can be pre-configured and automatically deployed. The XMG1915 series can be easily monitored and managed remotely with the Nebula app.

Huge performance in a small box

All of the downlink ports on the XMG1915 operate at 2.5G, providing seamless connectivity to a wide range of connected devices, such as WiFi 6/6E/7 APs, multi-gigabit networks, IP cameras, and NAS devices. Two 10G uplink ports ensures that sufficient bandwidth is always available to avoid bottlenecks and that higher speed devices can be fully utilized.

The 60 W PoE++ support (available on XMG1915-10EP and XMG1915-18EP models) via eight ports its inclusion allows the placement of high-performance devices and simplifies installation. The total PoE budget of 130W/180W it provides enough power at a competitive price for a small business, eliminating the need to invest in excessive PoE budgets that are often wasted. Users can also use their existing Cat 5 cables, eliminating the need for costly re-cabling.

The XMG1915 also has a smaller design – at least half as big as available on the market most 2.5G switches, so it is also ideal for use on a table or in narrow work areas.

Silent and energy-saving fanless design

Designed for optimal performance, the XMG1915 series boasts a fanless design and robust hardware heatsink that ensures quiet operation while saving power. The XMG1915-8E/8EP models are completely fanless, while the XMG1915-18EP is equipped with an ultra-quiet fan.

Flexible cloud management

The XMG1915 series is designed to be Zyxel Networks Nebula can be managed from the cloud through its platform, so users can easily connect devices via the Nebula application, by scanning a QR code for quick network setup. Users can seamlessly manage connectivity and security from anywhere through a single window and get an up-to-date view of their network’s health at a glance.

Remote management features allow users to monitor switches and reboot connected devices from anywhere without physical presence. There is also a loop prevention feature that further supports trouble-free operation by automatically detecting and resolving configuration issues. Stand-alone management is also available for those who need the ability to manage switches locally.

More information about the XMG1915 series https://www.zyxel.com/hu/hu/products/switch/8-16-port-2-5gbe-smart-managed-switch-with-2-sfp-uplink-xmg1915-series can be found on the website.

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