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INDvENG: “Greater blow to England than defeat!” Dhruv Jurel returns to the field; India wins the series

INDvENG: “Greater blow to England than defeat!”  Dhruv Jurel returns to the field; India wins the series


The Indian team has won the fourth Test match against England in Ranchi by 5 wickets.

Rohit Sharma

A target of 192 runs was set for the Indian team in the fourth innings. At the end of the third day, the Indian team scored 40 runs without losing any wicket. Rohit and Jaiswal were in the field. It was expected that the Indian team would win easily. But, the Indian team lost 3 wickets in the first session at the beginning of today. Rohit, Jaiswal and Rajat Pattidar were out. Just like the spinners took all the wickets in England’s second innings on India’s behalf, now the spinners dominated England’s side as well.

Bashir, Root, Hartley all bowled well. Immediately after the lunch break, two more wickets fell in a row. He took the wickets of both Jadeja and Sarbaras in successive balls.

England’s spinners were bowling tight from stump to stump. On one side, Subman Gill stood as an anchor, joined by Dhruv Jurel. Like the first innings, he felt the responsibility and played well in this innings in a difficult environment. Dhruv Jurael was the only one who concentrated on collecting some runs as Subman moved fully into the defensive circle. As an alliance, both played with good understanding. After 30 overs, Dhruv Jurel broke it and hit the first boundary as he was playing only defensively without a boundary.

Dhruv Jurel

Jurel’s performance eased the pressure on India. Ben Stokes’ trickery with field placement also faltered. The intention of both was to play patiently and finish the game before the tea break. Both played accordingly. Both of them danced while controlling themselves until they reached the point where it was no longer a problem and they could handle it anyway. Just when the required runs fell short of 20, Subman turned Gill’s bat. He blasted two sixes in Basheer’s over. Crossed half a century. With that, the game was in India’s hands. Jurel scored the winning run and the Indian team won the match by 5 wickets. With this, the Indian team has won the series by 3-1. Dhruv Jurel won the man of the match award.

Ashwin, Kuldeep Yadav’s superb bowling, Dhruv Jurel’s responsible batting had many positives for India in this match. ‘I have never seen a pitch like this. You can see what it is only when you get on the field and play.’ Stokes had said before the match.

The confusion he had before the match did not go away during the match. England’s biggest blow is to see an attitude that they believed was right after the defeats completely disintegrated.



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