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Ingram Micro – Juniper Networks: Secure networks with intelligence

Ingram Micro and Juniper Networks have entered into a new distribution agreement to serve enterprises in Central and Eastern Europe. As a result of the cooperation, Ingram Micro’s partners in the region can design, build and install network, data center and security solutions tailored to individual needs at their customers using Juniper Networks technology.

THE Juniper Networks is a leading provider of secure, AI-driven networks that help enterprises and service providers achieve real business results with cutting-edge analytics, security, AI and automation capabilities. Juniper Networks and Ingram Micro, which have been successfully cooperating in the global IT market for years, announced their new distributor agreement in the fourth quarter of last year, following which the Ingram Micro Also in Central and Eastern Europe, Juniper Networks is expanding its offer with AI-controlled, wired and wireless network, cloud-enabled data center, and network security solutions.

About the details of everything, about the domestic market aspects of regional distributor cooperation Bert Zelekent, Head of Partner and Distribution Sales for Europe, Middle East and Africa at Juniper Networks, and Attila ViraghWe asked the managing director of Ingram Micro Hungary.

ComputerTrends: What market changes are they responding to with this move, and what benefits can we expect in our area from the new agreement?

Bert Zeleken: Juniper Networks’ partners and distributors greatly contribute to the market success of our products and solutions, which is why we always strive for further cooperation and the expansion of our strong relationships. In the new year, we will focus on the further development of the capabilities of networks controlled by artificial intelligence, so it is vital that we work with suitable distributors, and that we can increase our joint successes so far in 2024 as well. We consistently expand the portfolio of our integrated, AI-driven network solutions to give IT operators the best user experience. With Ingram Micro, we are now extending this offer to Eastern Europe, so our partners can stand out on the market, differentiate their services, and add more value to their customers.

Bert Zeleken, Head of Partner and Distribution Sales for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Juniper Networks

As a result of our agreement, the partners of Ingram Micro Hungary can design, build and install network, data center and security solutions tailored to individual needs at their customers using Juniper Networks technology. As part of the distribution partnership, we provide extensive technical and business support, as well as education and other resources, through which Ingram Micro partners can expand their knowledge and expertise of Juniper Networks offerings.

Attila Virágh: Ingram Micro helps companies realize the promise of technology and maximize the value of the technology they manufacture, sell or use. The comprehensive and deep spectrum of our global infrastructure and technological services enables the efficient and successful operation of many thousands of suppliers and reseller partners. As a subsidiary of the world’s leading IT distributor, Ingram Micro Hungary has been serving its customers with products from more than two hundred manufacturers, a stable financial background, a training center, professional services and favorable financing options for more than two decades, so we also have great knowledge and experience in the field of network solutions.

We sign distribution contracts with IT manufacturers that represent outstanding technological standards in their field, provide first-class technical support, and are world leaders in their product category. Juniper Networks’ solutions fit perfectly into our portfolio, our strategic goals and aspirations are common. We see a great opportunity in the expansion of our existing partner cooperation in Central and Eastern Europe, from which we expect similar results in the Hungarian market as well, since Juniper Networks’ AI-driven network solutions will also help domestic enterprises to meet today’s biggest network challenges.

CT: What are the biggest network challenges for digitally transforming organizations in our region, and how will your cooperation help to solve them?

Bert Zeleken: Currently, organizations are struggling with a shortage of skilled professionals and other resources, so it is clear that as their digital transformation continues to progress, they need to take a different approach to network management and implement more efficient networks to reduce the burden on IT teams. In cooperation with Ingram Micro, we help companies in their transformation in the Central and Eastern European region with our Juniper Networks Apstra intent-based network management software that automates the planning, installation and operation of data center networks and customized solutions.

Building local data centers driven by artificial intelligence, our customers achieve better control, tighter security and lower costs than what public clouds offer. And our partners, who exploit the inherent potential, can extend their services to the area of ​​data centers, thereby increasing their sales opportunities.

Attila Virágh: In Hungary, we start with a dedicated Juniper Networks engineering team of two people, which we plan to expand. In practice, however, this already means a team of more than twenty people, as our other manufacturers’ product managers, engineers, sales and reseller partners also deal with networks, data centers and security solutions. Our domestic reseller partners also have access to Ingram Micro’s international team, competence center, and all of its professional services and educational programs. Our partners can familiarize themselves with the entire portfolio of Juniper Networks and deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to their customers’ individual needs, which provide answers to even the most complex network challenges. Our knowledge of the market and our reseller network allow us to exploit the potential of the entire portfolio, so from now on we will further develop this channel together with Juniper Networks in order to seize specific business opportunities, for which we can deploy all our competence and resources.

Attila Virágh, managing director of Ingram Micro Hungary

CT: In light of network trends, what are your expectations for the new year, and what are you planning for 2024?

Bert Zeleken: With the further development of generative artificial intelligence and large language models, our partners will introduce more and more AI-driven solutions to their customers, with which companies will create even smarter networks that respond to changes faster and more flexibly. It is expected that our partners here will also consider the creation of industry-focused, special teams, business units that focus on serving verticals with an increased need for network upgrades, such as commerce, healthcare or education. Many of our partners follow this strategy, which has already been successful in other regions.

Attila Virágh: We invite all our domestic reseller partners to sell Juniper Networks network, data center and security solutions, not only in the telecommunications sector, which is first associated by many when hearing the manufacturer’s name, but also beyond, in all industries. We plan to present business opportunities at various events throughout the year, but we encourage all our partners to contact us, and our specialists will answer your questions personally.

We will also start domestic sales of Juniper Networks products in our proven value-adding distribution model, we will help our reseller partners with state-of-the-art services, product configuration, quotation preparation, order tracking and financial solutions.

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