Instagram To Introduce A New Bonus Payment Option

Instagram To Introduce A New Bonus Payment Option

Instagram is planning to introduce a new bonus payment to encourage creators to use its TikTok clone, Reels.

The social networking service will follow in the footsteps of other similar services that pay creators to use their own TikTok clones. For instance, Snapchat recently announced a $1 million daily award for the most popular creators on the app.

As a result, Snapchat’s Spotlight feature now has 125 million monthly users. YouTube adopted a similar strategy by announcing Shorts Fund.

The Google-owned platform reached out to a large number of creators whose Shorts received high engagement and views. Now, Instagram is all set to do the same thing.

Instagram to roll out a new bonus payment

Developer Alessandro Paluzzi claims Instagram is working on introducing a new bonus payment. Users who use Instagram Reels will be eligible to receive this Bonus.

On May 22, Paluzzi revealed that he found an announcement screen in the back-end code. The screen shows that Instagram is currently testing a new bonuses program to encourage the use of Reels.

The Instagram bonus payment will reportedly enable users to “earn bonuses from Instagram.” They would need to share new Reels content to take advantage of the bonuses program.

Users might be required to reach certain bonus thresholds before they could withdraw earnings from the program, according to Pocketnow. Aside from that, SocialMediaToday suggests there would be variables as well.

Instagram is trying to cash in on Reels

Instagram is bent on maximizing Reels. However, it remains to be seen how much the company pays its popular users through its bonus program.

The explanatory notes do not indicate that users will be able to earn cash payouts from Reels. This is a similar approach to Snapchat Spotlight.

Snapchat, on the other hand, adopted a slightly different approach for its Spotlight. It paid its creators for sharing content made using their new features.

Instagram will reportedly pay selected creators for their highly popular Reels. Aside from that, the Instagram bonus payment could be based on the number of Reels uploaded rather than engagement or quality.

In the last five years or so, Facebook’s product development playbook has simply involved two elements, CTRL C and CTRL V. Once a platform introduces something, the social media giant waits to copy it.

Facebook has managed to avoid blunt competition by adopting this approach. Regrettably, the company has not succeeded in coming up with an equally popular clone for TikTok.

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