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Instagram will let you create polls in the comments of posts

This feature is coming soon to all users.

Instagram will let you create polls in the comments of posts
Instagram polls will expand to posts and reels

Instagram does not stop renewing itself, the latest news on the social network is the polls in the publications. They are already being tested, and everything indicates that they will soon be expanded to all users. Currently it is possible run polls on storiesbut not in the publications, with this new function, the surveys will also reach the second content.

What will Instagram post surveys be like?

The novelty has been revealed by Mark Zuckerberg on his Instagram channel, one of the latest most relevant functions of the social network. As indicated by the owner of Meta, the company that owns Instagram, surveys for the comments section are already being tested. “Testing the surveys in the comments section of Instagram. They will reach everyone soon” he indicated.

On the other hand, The director of the social network, Adam Mosseri, has also commented on the inclusion of this function on his Instagram channel. “Do you have a question for your followers? Little by little we are trying to add polls and votes in the comments of a post or reel. We are always looking for new ways to interact with friends and creators…” stated in this.

Besides, Mosseri inserted an image showing how the polls would work. As seen in it, the creator will be able to carry out a survey, which would appear first in the comments box, as happens with the caption or description of a publication, or reel. It would show the various options, probably the limit is 4, and the number of participations. When the survey ends, or if you have voted, the percentages for each option will be shown.

Instagram will let you create polls in the comments of posts

This is how Instagram comment surveys will work

At the moment It is unknown exactly when the polls will arrive in the Instagram comment box. If we go back to Zuckerberg’s post, he stated that “they will be coming to everyone soon,” but no further details have been revealed. It is most likely that in the coming days, weeks at most, those responsible for the social network will reveal more information about its arrival.. Just in case, we recommend having the application updated, whether you use the version of Android that of iPhoneto receive the surveys as soon as they come out.

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