Thursday, June 24, 2021
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iOS 15 brings the iOS 13-style time and date picker back

After breaking the date and time picker in iOS 14, Apple seems to have settled on something that mixes it with the previous iOS 13-style picker instead. And it’s way better.

As people who have installed the iOS 15 beta have found out, Apple has done away with the previous situation that required users to type their time and date in. Now, we have a combination of that keypad input, as well as the wheel-style picker that we used for years up until iOS 14 came along.

The move might arguably make worth updating to iOS 15 worth it alone, especially if the small date and time picker has been driving you mad since the iOS 14 betas from last year. Like a certain someone I won’t name.

Me. I’m the certain someone.

The new solution is arguably the best of both the iOS 13 and iOS 14 worlds and it’s great to see Apple listening to feedback here.

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