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iOS 16.2 update turns iPhone 14 Pro’s always-on display like an Android


The always-on display has debuted with iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max after the feature has been present with Android smartphones for many years. Although Apple’s intention is to add functionality to iPhones, the feature has not been enjoyed by many due to issues like being too bright and having limited customizability. Apple is apparently fixing these on iOS 16.2.

Apple has started shipping the iOS 16.2 beta 3 to developers and insiders. One of the key changes of this software update includes two additional switches to the always-on display section that previously housed a single option to entirely turn on or off the feature. Users are now presented with toggles to show background wallpaper and notifications.

On devices running the latest iOS 16.2 beta, disabling the wallpaper will remove any tinted image resulting in a pure black background on the lock screen with only the time and widgets being visible. Similarly, turning off the notifications will remove any pushed content from the bottom regardless of if the show wallpaper is active or not.

iOS 16.2 update turns iPhone 14 Pro’s always-on display like an Android
Always-On dims your iPhone 14 Pro’s Lock Screen widgets and Wallpaper / © Apple / ScreenShot: NextPit

It’s unclear if these options will be final. Apple could eventually change or add some features along with it. But considering that we’re on the third beta of iOS 16.2, it is safe to say these will be retained until the release of the public version. Apple is expected to roll out the latter in December.

Do you enjoy the current iPhone 14 Pro (Max) always-on display feature? What changes or improvements are you looking forward to seeing most in the future? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this matter.


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