Technology NewsiOS 16.3 is launching next week with several fixes

iOS 16.3 is launching next week with several fixes


Apple’s new iOS 16.3 software update will bring key fixes once it arrives next week. It will remove the horizontal lines appearing temporarily on the screen and fix the lock screen and its widget. It will also have support for the new 2nd-gen HomePod and physical security keys.

Apple is bringing several fixes with iOS 16.3, launching next week

Apple identified the horizontal lines on some iPhone 14 Pro Max that appeared during phone wake-ups or restarts, and is about to issue a fix.

The iOS 16.3 Beta revealed the new update will also address the bug where the wallpaper on the lock screen sometimes appeared black. The Home Lock Screen widget that was pulled out after 16.2 is returning and now will display the accurate status.

Siri did not respond properly to music requests, and the new update is expected to fix this issue both in smartphones and in CarPlay.

The expected arrival of the new iOS is Tuesday or Wednesday when Apple is also pushing macOS Ventura 13.2 to MacBooks.



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