Home Android News iOS 17 has a feature for the iPhone that is long overdue

iOS 17 has a feature for the iPhone that is long overdue

iOS 17 has a feature for the iPhone that is long overdue


iOS 17 comes with the ability to remove two-factor codes after they’ve been used automatically.

iOS 17 has a feature for the iPhone that is long overdue
The iOS 17 feature that should have come to the iPhone earlier

The security of our accounts is super important. That’s why it exists two factor authentication to make logins more secure. Although the best way to manage them is through an application like Google Authenticatorthe truth is that it is much more convenient to do it via SMS and take advantage of the iOS autofill feature with which you can auto-fill said code by clicking on the upper part of the keyboard.

It is very comfortable, but heavy at the same time. Because? Because all the two-factor codes that are requested, they will remain in the messages app taking up space. Something that comes to solve iOS 17, since will delete them automatically once usedboth those that arrive by SMS and those that arrive through email.

To prevent any code from being accidentally removed when it can still be used, the iPhone will remove them instantly after they have been inserted with autofill. However, I have noticed that all my messages with old 2FA codes have been deleted, so it also seems that there is a time limit after which your iPhone will automatically delete older messages as well.

How to remove 2FA codes automatically on iPhone

Although this function for the moment is in beta phaseif you are one of those who have already installed the developer or public versionyou can now configure this new functionality by following the steps shown below:

  1. We open the application Settings on our iPhone.
  2. We scroll through the sections and enter Passwords.
  3. we authenticate with Face or Touch ID.
  4. We came in Password Options.
  5. We activate the option delete automatically.
iOS 17 2FA feature

Setting to remove 2FA codes automatically in iOS 17

As indicated in the description of the same setting: Immediately remove verification codes in the Messages and Mail apps after auto-filling them. As we have said on more than one occasion, iOS 17 does not have “great news”, but it does have details like this that improve our day to day.

iOS 17 has more such functions as the possibility of read articles in Safari or to transfer our contact information through NameDrop, among others. Remember that the final version It will be out in Septemberso you will have to wait if you want to test all these features.



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