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IPL Preview – RCB: “Ee Sala Kandipa Cup Namthagam?” – Will the men wear the trophy? | IPL 2024: Royal Challengers Bengaluru Team Preview


Home ground?

Bengaluru’s burning drinking water problem has raised fears that RCB’s matches may be shifted to another state. The final decision has not been reached yet. Although RCB do not have a home ground record as good as CSK’s, it is always an added advantage to play to their home crowd. If that doesn’t happen, it will shake the players up a bit mentally.

Bowling woes:

“Walking Disaster” is the only word to describe RCB’s bowling this year. Worse trouble has also plagued the RCB front as it looks to have revamped its bowling unit by dropping the trio of Harsal Patel, Hazlewood and Hazaranga, nicknamed the H^3.

With the much-relied Taplee and Tom Karan both waved goodbye, the team currently relies heavily on Ferguson and Aljari Joseph for overseas bowling.

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