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Is he the one to tell me that?.. I don’t know?!.. Balachander jumped to fame..

Balachander is a legendary director of Tamil cinema. His films mostly revolve around women’s lives. Even now many of his films are talked about beyond time. Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan are the biggest legends in Tamil cinema.

Thus Balachander, who has many prides, once invited the journalists who criticized him to his home and scolded them by giving them coffee. Now let’s look at this incident.

K Balachander

K Balachander

Suba who upset Balachander

In the film “Sindhu Bhairavi” directed by K.Balachander, he used a scene of a veena covered with a cover to symbolize that the hero and a woman are sharing a bed.

Famous writers Subha (Suresh-Balakrishnan) were film critics for Kalki magazine when the film was released. At that time he was working as an assistant director to the famous writer Balakumaran Balachander. Balakumaran is a reader of writer D. Janagiraman.



T. Janagiraman may have mentioned in a novel that “she lay like a lute with its cover removed” to symbolize the scene where a man and a woman share a bed. So when Suba writes a review for that film, “Is this particular scene courtesy of Balakumar?” They have written that.

Balachander scolded as he saw

After that, one day they will interview Balachander. Then Balachander took them inside the house and made them sit down and gave them very delicious coffee. When they finished their coffee, he said, “Have you finished your coffee? Now I am going to scold you” and scolded him as he saw.



“what is that? Should Balakumaran introduce me to D. Janakiraman? If not for him, I don’t know D. Janakiram. I would not have said anything even if he had written whether he had taken it from T. Janagiraman’s novel. You have asked if it is a courtesy of Balakumaran. How can it be said like that?” He scolded him as he saw and then asked him to continue the interview. Writers Suba shared this incident in an interview.

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