Home Entertainment Is Scarface On Netflix? Discover where to stream it TODAY

Is Scarface On Netflix? Discover where to stream it TODAY

Is Scarface On Netflix?  Discover where to stream it TODAY


scarface is undoubtedly one of the great movies, brought to life by the incredible performance from Al Pacino.

Released in 1983, the crime drama is directed by Brian De Palma and written by Oliver Stone.

It is loosely based on the 1929 novel of the same name and tells the story of Cuban refugee Tony Montana (Pacino), who becomes a powerful and extremely homicidal drug lord in Miami.

Considered one of the greatest gangster films ever made, it is a cult classic, referenced extensively in modern pop culture and should definitely not be missed.

So if you want to watch scarface for the first time or simply want to re-watch it, then here’s where you can stream it.

Where To Watch Scarface?

streaming scarface can be confusing as the movie is available on different platforms depending on which country you live in.

But we’ll give the rundown for where you can stream it for free and rental details if it’s not included in your subscriptions.

United States: scarface is available to stream in the USA on DIRECTV, Hulu and Peacock..

United Kingdom: Al Pacino fans can watch scarface on Lionsgate+ and Starz Play via Amazon Prime Video.

Australia: You are in luck if you want to watch scarface in Australia. It is on Amazon Prime Video.

Canada: In Canada, you can watch scarface on Amazon Prime Video, paramount+ and Crave.

Turkey: scarface is available on Amazon Prime Video in Turkey.

Brazil: Brazil, you can watch scarface on Star+.

Japan: If you want to watch scarface in Japan, you can stream for free on Amazon Prime Video if you have a subscription.

Europe: scarface is available in most countries on Amazon Prime Video. They include Austria, Germany, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Italy and Portugal..

However, for other European countries, you need to have an additional subscription to Starz Play or Lionsgate+ via Amazon. That includes Spain and Ireland..

The notable exception is Belgium (Forfait).

What Is Scarface About?

In 1980, Tony Montana flees Cuba during the Mariel exodus and ends up in a Florida refugee camp. His friend Manny proposes a way out: they can obtain green cards if they carry out a contract killing.

Tony agrees and begins working for drug dealer Frank Lopez. When a deal with Colombian drug dealers goes awry, Tony proves his worth by handling the situation with his trademark brutality.

He quickly becomes known for his violent tendencies and rises through the ranks of Miami’s criminal underworld.

Despite his protective nature towards his younger sister, Tony’s mother disowns him once she learns about his illegal activities.

Impatient and hungry for power, Tony sets his sights on Frank’s empire and his mistress, Elvira Hancock. However, Tony’s erratic behavior ultimately leads to his downfall as he becomes a target for his enemies, and his empire crumbles.

Who Played Scarface?

Al Pacino famously played the iconic role of Tony Montana in the classic 1983 crime drama film, scarface.

How Old Was Al Pacino In Scarface?

Al Pacino was 43 years old when he played the role of Tony Montana in scarface.

Where Was Scarface Filmed?

Although the movie was supposed to take place in Miami, much of it was actually filmed in Los Angeles.

The Miami Tourist Board declined requests to film in the city because they feared the movie’s themes of drugs and gangsters would discourage tourism.

Tony’s extravagant mansion was El Fureidis, a Roman-style mansion near Santa Barbara, California. The filming took place over 24 weeks from November 22, 1982, to May 6, 1983. The special effects were done by Ken Pepiot and Stan Parks.

The production experienced two delays due to severe weather conditions in California. During production in March, Al Pacino burned his left hand on the muzzle of a gun that had just been fired when he tripped during a fight scene. Production was shut down for over a week while Pacino recovered.

Cast of Scarface

Al Pacino (Hunters) as Tony Montana who becomes a wealthy drug lord in Miami

Steven Bauer as Manny Ray, Tony’s friend and right-hand man

Michelle Pfeiffer as Elvira, Frank Lopez’s wife

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as Gina, Tony’s sister

Robert Loggia as Frank Lopez, a Miami drug lord who mentors Tony and Manny

Miriam Colon as Mama Montana, Tony’s disapproving mother

F. Murray Abraham (Mythic Quest) as Omar: Frank’s right hand man who is skeptical of Tony

Paul Shenar as Alejandro Sosa, a Bolivian drug lord and supplier for Tony

Harris Yulin as Bernstein, a crooked police officer on Lopez’s payroll

Angel Salazar as Chi-Chi, a friend of Tony



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