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Is the story of the mega-hit film ‘Six to Sixty Up’ the life story of this director?.. The truth that has come out over time!..


The most notable of the Rajini films released in 1979 was the film ‘Six to Six’. This film was directed by SB Muthuraman and produced by Panchu Arunachalam. The songs composed by Ilayaraja are brilliant.

And in this way, Patapat Jayalakshmi as Rajini’s partner and So. Ramasamy as his friend will have made a magic in their roles. This film is the best example of how Rajini is a mass actor but a great actor.



Six to Sixty is also the film in which Rajini, who used to act as a villain, was revived as a hero. The hero of the story, Rajini, who lost his father at a young age, starts to bear the burden of the family at the age of 6 and at some point he is neglected by his co-borns in order to make his younger sisters and brothers educated.

Rajini becomes a writer after the death of his wife. The estranged relatives are looking for Rajini to write many stories as a writer in his wife’s memory so that he can gain fame and fame. In that situation, Rajini gives up his life while sitting on a chair. This is the story of this film.



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Panchu Arunachalam, the story writer of the film, has portrayed the story beautifully. Some incidents like what is happening in this film may have happened in the life of some people. In that way, he wrote about some incidents that happened in the life of Panchu Arunachalam.


panju arunachalam

He is not only a lyricist but also a great lyricist, director and producer. He has also written the songs for this film. It is worth noting that only four films have been released under his direction namely, Puduppattu, Kalikalam, Thambip Bondati.

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