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Is this a ghost movie? Bittu movie?.. Payal Rajput has released the trailer on Tuesday!..

Directed by Ajay Bhupathi and starring Payal Rajput, the Telugu film Mangalavaram is produced in Tamil with the title Tuesday.

While the first look and teaser of the film have already been released and the fans are in a frenzy, now the trailer of the film has been released and it has received a huge response among the youth.

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Is this a ghost movie? Sami movie? Or an afterthought? Fans are so confused that they don’t know. So much so that Tuesday is filled with plenty of Kilma scenes.

Moreover, in order to increase that doubt one step more, they say that the highlight is the one that has been released today with Ram Gopal Varma, who has directed strange incident films including Climax, Naked, Dangerous.

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Even though Thrill Club is also shown as a ghost film, it seems that Ajay Bhupathi has enjoyed and enjoyed the trailer in such a way that the entire trailer should be watched on the first day of the film’s release, such as the scenes of the undressed heroine Payal Rajput lying outside in the bathtub and the scenes of having sex.

The film, which is being made as a Pan India film, will release on November 17, and the fans have been prepared by announcing at the end of the trailer.

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