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Is this also a stolen goat!.. Venkat Prabhu is from OTD!.. Is Vijay’s film his story?

Directed by Venkat Prabhu, Vijay’s 68th film is titled The Greatest of All Time. While the title of Vijay’s movie is titled as The Greatest of All Time, like only English Kara Durai without even a poster in Tamil, they started scrolling after seeing the new poster as if this movie is the story of the perfect thirttu caddy from America.

In 1971, the mysterious T. P. hijacked the plane and bought several crores of money from the United States, released the passengers and told them to fly the plane again. There are reports that Venkat Prabhu is playing Cooper’s story with Vijay. Even the powerful FBI officials of the United States did not know what happened to Cooper until now and what happened to the money he looted.

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It is said that Venkat Prabhu is making this film by taking a cue from the I. M. Cooper documentary on the Netflix OTT site and mixing the two films for Vijay, who asked for a film like Kindiya Mangatta for Ajith and a film for Simbu like Panna Kadhur.

If that’s not all, this is the Gemini Man, who is doing a double act as another Will Smith, the young version of him, who is created against him with the conforma Will Smith gene. Like the code title leaked and as it was already leaked that Leo is a history of violence film, the true story of this film will be revealed soon.

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