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Is this the reason why Malaysia Vasudevan stopped singing?.. Surprising but it is true

The song Manman Manman played by Rajini reminds me of Malaysia Vasudevan beyond the supreme star Rajini. No one can deny this. Why did such a charming voice suddenly stop? His bronze voiced songs such as Thannee Kanamruchi, Agaya Gangai, Aasa 100 Varuti, Kootaile Karuvadu, Pattu Varna Selaikari are still sweet even today.

Chandra Bose’s music is being recorded in the movie Manman Manman. Rajini himself does not know this. Rajini asks what if we put this song in our film. Only then did he know that this is the song for our film. First there was the problem of where to place this song in the film. Only then did they put it in the title.

Malaysia Vasudevan’s voice is different in Tamil cinema. He is powerful in having sins in his voice. Listen and watch his song Parkuthu Prathuma from the first honor movie. The singer will make you sing along with just one line. If he sings a song it is a success.

Oru Kaithiyin Diay

Oru Kaithiyin Diay

Malaysia Vasudevan made his debut as a singer in Bharatavilas. After that the opportunity never came. Ilayaraja made a music album on folk songs before entering cinema. Malaysia Vasudevan has sung in it. He became a hit from the film at the age of 16. The song Atkutty Tedaiyitu was a super hit. Malaysia Vasudevan conveys the emotions of an innocent child who knows nothing in Pattikkattu.

SPP, Malaysia Vasudevan are contemporary friends. In Kalyanaraman’s film and the innocent and intelligent, Malaysia Vasudevan brings the subtle difference in his voice and is amazing. That is Kadhal Vandrichi…song. Malaysia Vasudevan has a voice that can bend to anything.

He played villainy in the cinema as well. No one will soon forget his villainy in A Prisoner’s Diary. He is acting so well. All that imitation, satire and mischievousness will make us enjoy a lot.

He got stuck into making his own films beyond acting. In this he could not make more than one place. He was without films for a certain period. That is why he stopped singing.

The above information has been given by the famous screen analyst Alangudi Villichamy.

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