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Is Vijay a pickle for Rajini’s addiction?.. Kaka – Vulture Matter, which is back on stage at Lal Salaam Audio Launch!

There have been criticisms that actor Rajinikanth has tried to make his daughter Aishwarya Rajinikanth’s Lal Salaam a hit with the same plan that actor Rajinikanth used to make Jailer a hit.

At the Jailer music release, Rajinikanth told the story of Kaka-Galku and did not mention it to anyone and everyone stirred the panchayat saying that Rajinikanth was telling Vijay. Rajinikanth fans and Vijay fans staged a gutter fight on social media.

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After that, at the success of the film Leo, Ratnakumar said that no matter how big an eagle is, it must come down to the bottom. Many people criticized the actor Vijay who spoke later and laughed for a round after talking about the cuckoo-vulture as a response to Rajinikanth.

In this case, actor Rajinikanth spoke in the name of saying that he will take the matter in his hands again at the Lal Salaam music launch function held yesterday.

Rajinikanth may have given an explanation on the social networking site when the controversy was getting bigger. But Lal Salam using it as audio launch content is said to be his business sense.

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They twisted the Kaka-Galgu story that I told and made Vijay think that he told it. Vijay is the guy I grew up watching. Vijay was only 13 years old when he met me during the shooting of Dharmathin Thalaivan. SA Chandrasekhar came and introduced Vijay to me. I told them to study well first and then come to act.

Since then Vijay has grown to this height due to his perseverance. They say that they are going to enter politics, but it is not right to compare me and him. It makes me very sad.

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Vijay himself had said that the competition was for him and him, I had also said. Don’t compare me and my film unnecessarily, it’s disrespectful to me. Rajinikanth also took the topic of Lal Salaam music release and went viral saying that it is not an honor for him either.

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