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ISE 2024 – A look behind the transparent LED wall

ISE 2024 – A look behind the transparent LED wall


The company solutions presented at the trade fair of professional audiovisual systems and their integrators are not only spectacular, but also intelligent and sustainable. For the anniversary of ISE 2024, Fira de Barcelona Gran Via, which hosts the event, is also dressed in high-tech.

Along with its twenty-year existence, it celebrated the biggest event in its history so far Integrated Systems Europe 2024 at the beginning of February, when this year’s show ended. The trade fair held at the Fira de Barcelona Gran Via fairground attracted nearly 74,000 visitors from 162 countries around the world, which is the largest number since the event’s debut in Geneva in 2004. The 1,408 exhibiting companies built a stand on 82,000 square meters this year, which the organizers also declared a record.

Like every year, ISE 2024 featured innovative solutions from pro-AV systems and their integrators, from advanced display technologies to immersive sound systems and intelligent automation to modern, hybrid communication tools supporting work and collaboration. The presentations, panel discussions and workshops of the conference accompanying the exhibition dealt with, among other things, the relationship between artificial intelligence (AI) and AV, the topic of sustainable product design and remote collaboration, and the latest trends.

Transparent LED facade

For the ISE 2024 anniversary, Fira de Barcelona Gran Via, which traditionally hosts the trade fair, erected a 193-square-meter, invisible LED display on its south gate, which will now become a permanent attraction of the fair city. A huge display that seamlessly integrates technology and the building will from now on very effectively welcome visitors to the events taking place in the facility, who will also be able to see the interior of the reception hall through the displayed content.

The translucent LED wall is a Muxwave M3is based on displays with a pixel density of 3.9 millimeters and flexibly adapt to the geometry of different surfaces. The 20-meter-wide and 11-meter-high LED wall was built by Sono from more than 950 boards and installed on the glass facade of the Fira de Barcelona Gran Via. Ventuz and the Realtime Department supplied the robust and flexible media server technology required to display the spectacular content.

Latter Uniqvue Experience Framework its solution includes content manager and “broadcaster” functions, and Ventuz’s real-time software provides the agility needed to seamlessly combine large volumes of visual data with live, interactive content. The flexibility of the technology makes it possible to alternate between several pre-programmed content streams and real-time, live content, such as information about the ongoing event, the display of fresh information, the inclusion of activity on social networks, and the publication of QR codes that involve visitors even more in the events.

Spectacular efficiency and sustainability

LG Electronics also presented its latest digital commercial displays in Barcelona. Micro LED, All-in-One LED and transparent OLED displays are also included in the comprehensive range of solutions tailored to the needs of the retail, corporate, educational and catering industries.

Prepared for corporate use, three LG Magnet one of the displays can be a good choice for playing company information or advertisements, the display intended for control rooms is made special by the detachable power supply, and the All-in-One model – with its integrated controller and speakers – is designed for use in meeting rooms. Companies can also use the manufacturer’s new 21:9 aspect ratio 171-inch LED All-in-One and 21:9 aspect ratio 105-inch LCD commercial displays with video conferencing platforms. These devices are also compatible with the integrated solutions of LG partners, so they also meet user-specific needs.

Among its digital displays for retail outlets, boutiques, restaurants, bakeries and cafes, LG exhibited a 79-inch Stretch LED model, which can also be used as a digital menu board, is a transparent OLED solution, and the LG Kiosk helps customers self-service. The displays are integrated LG DOOH With the Ads function, the advertising content displayed in the store can be optimized. This palette is expanded, among other things, by the manufacturer’s new, 55-inch, transparent OLED display, from which companies can build large video walls and digital room dividers thanks to its thin, modularly connectable frames.

At the exhibition, LG demonstrated a digital classroom for educational institutions, equipped with 55- and 86-inch CreateBoard interactive displays. Instructors can easily load lesson materials from a web browser and give students access to the displayed content with QR codes. Introduced developed for commercial displays LG Shield also a security system with which companies can defend themselves against more sophisticated cyber threats resulting from the rise of artificial intelligence.

Fira de Barcelona is committed to sustainability, operating its facilities with 100 percent green energy from renewable sources, 40 percent of which is produced by a local wind farm. Sustainable solutions were also given a lot of space at many exhibitor stands at ISE 2024.

Panasonic Connect Europe, for example, presented new solutions for the media and entertainment industry, education and the corporate sector, with which users can share content from anywhere to anywhere via an AVoIP connection. In addition to the manufacturer’s products made according to Intel Smart Display Module specifications, new media processors and servers, the audience of the exhibition could also see sustainably produced LCD projectors. It will go on sale in the second quarter of this year MZ882 LCD Projector Series presents Panasonic’s greenest projectors to date. Designed for classrooms and corporate workspaces and manufactured using recycled materials, models with a brightness of up to 8,200 lumens promise a balance of quality visuals, sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

AI-based, designed for meeting rooms certified with Microsoft Teams and the Zoom platform Logitech Sight camera, the manufacturer announced in Barcelona. A panoramic camera that can be placed in the middle of the table is mounted on the wall Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini in cooperation with cameras, it gives a new perspective for the high-quality audiovisual implementation of multi-participant, hybrid meetings.

The manufacturer also announced that CollabOS is now making its video collaboration tools using recycled plastic to help companies achieve their sustainability goals. Logitech Sight and other conference room products will contain at least 50 percent certified recycled plastic, reducing their carbon footprint by 21 percent. The manufacturer’s leaders also explained in a panel discussion that the industry needs a comprehensive and measurable AV/UC sustainability strategy instead of a green coating.

Displays in the cloud

Several vendors have announced cloud services for their innovative displays and media servers in Barcelona. Panasonic is new, cloud-based Remotely Managed Service (RMS) for example, its service helps companies manage and optimize complex, multi-display environments, including in the fields of immersive location-based entertainment, event management and education. The RMS service is Panasonic Central Monitoring Center provides access to its monitoring center in the cloud, thus making it easier for IT professionals to increase the reliability of systems and the lifetime of devices, consistent image display and long-term operation support.

The LG Business Cloud its cloud platform also serves to efficiently manage the manufacturer’s commercial displays and is available for models installed with webOS 6.0 or higher. LG is part of the platform SuperSign Cloudthe manufacturer’s content management solution (CMS) tailored for digital displays, as well as the CMS optimized for hotel smart TVs, LG Pro: Centric Cloud too. With cloud solutions, companies can flexibly customize the content to be displayed on the displays, such as welcome messages, information about the facility or promotions, as well as set their schedule.

LG is also part of the Business Cloud ConnectedCare a remote monitoring solution that actively monitors the status and performance of displays and immediately sends an email notification if an abnormal event is detected. The service allows for many settings of the displays, including remote control of volume and brightness.

Through LG Business Cloud, companies can not only search and purchase or subscribe to the manufacturer’s products and services, but also access partner solutions, including media artworks and service applications that provide real-time weather, airport and local tourism information.

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