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IT-Trendek – Computerworld Lapózó is published

In the article, the online version of the published issue of Computerworld magazine published on December 20, 2023 can be paged and read in its entirety.

The series of crisis situations and the resulting difficulties, as well as the transformations associated with hybrid work, have caused challenges for IT decision-makers, company managers involved in IT decisions, and all other readers interested in corporate IT in the last few years. That is why our editors have decided to facilitate access to the printed issues of Computerworld magazine:

From the content:

4 The power of digital trust in the real world
In a business environment burdened by increasing risks and threats, digital trust has become an essential factor for organizations. During a business breakfast, DigiCert experts shed light on the most important challenges, best practices and strategies, i.e. how to apply digital trust in the real world.

6 Kyndryl – The secret of successful transformation
It is vital that organizations quickly adapt to the dynamic changes in the market environment and the development of technology, this is a prerequisite for their remaining competitive and lasting effectiveness. In many cases, their digital transformation turns out to be a success.

7 Smooth working with OTRS
Working with OTRS is now more “smooth”, because we switched to a rolling release model. Our customers immediately receive the latest developments that make everyday tasks more efficient. Agile transformation allows us to deliver value improvements sooner by incorporating service feedback into the product.

8 Efficiency and AI – This year’s Dyntell Next conference was about this
For the second time this year, Dyntell Software organized the Dyntell Next event, which this time was focused and titled Artificial Intelligence in Company Management. Dyntell Software is a regionally dominant enterprise management and business intelligence software company that combines the professionalism of multinationals with the flexibility and customer-oriented approach of SMEs. In connection with Dyntell Next 2023, we asked the founder and managing director of Dyntell, Péter Salga.

9 NTT DATA Business Solutions – Corporate management is on the brink of a change of era
The transition to S/4HANA is much more than a simple version change. The cloud-based ERP solution realizes the concept of a digitally transforming intelligent company, which is raised to a new level of information extraction by generative AI integrated into connected applications on an open platform.

10 CCLab – The AI ​​meteor exploded
Generative artificial intelligence has hit the business world like a meteor, threatening dinosaur-like companies with extinction. However, rapid adaptation is made difficult by the fact that the technology that will soon decisively influence competitiveness is accompanied by new types of security risks.

12 The convenience of cloud services, the stability of the local infrastructure – the Szatmári group decided more than 2 years ago
The Szatmári Group, which is primarily known for its building engineering solutions, but which has also achieved success in the dairy, mill and automotive industries, uses a service-based model, thus keeping up with its ever-increasing IT needs without investment.

14 Gartner – Technologies for Strategists
Gartner warns that the disruptive development of technology and the unpredictability of the socio-economic environment urge companies to act courageously and to increase flexible resilience instead of ad hoc responses. The analyst helps with the planning of IT investments with a list of strategically important trends that IT managers should evaluate in the new year.

16 Synology – Cloud data management with security
The further they advance on the path of digital transformation, the more data assets companies accumulate. To manage it, they will need a complex solution that both provides strong protection and makes authorized access easy in any environment.

18 MiniCRM – Secure growth even in an uncertain market
The interest of domestic small and medium-sized companies in CRM systems is constantly increasing. In any case, the first step is to create a stable basic system, on which further, increasingly modern services can be built, with artificial intelligence in the background. Those who take advantage of the opportunities can successfully compete in the market.

20 Sessionbase – implementation of paid parking at city level
An intelligent parking system is the best possible solution for municipalities, their citizens and the climate.

22 What can be expected on the domestic and international ERP market in 2024
Businesses are almost getting used to the fact that, in addition to the years of covid and the war going on next door, they have to survive in an incredibly volatile business environment. At the same time, rampant inflationary pressure, supply chain problems and employees’ expectations for remote work are strengthening up-to-date, data-based decision-making and, with it, digitalization projects.

24 Seven revolutionary agricultural trends in 2024
Precision agriculture has evolved as a response to the ever-increasing challenges of food production, but where is it headed?

26 IDC – The age of digital companies is here
The digital transformation was only the first step, in order to create real value, companies must continue on the path they have started, IDC pointed out. With generative artificial intelligence, the time has come to build innovative capabilities and culture if they want to stay competitive in the new era of digital business.

28 2024 health technology trends
The increasingly less conservative healthcare industry has experienced huge technological changes in the past decade, and we can expect even more in the coming year. Let’s see what difficulties and development we can expect from the year 2024.

29 The case of SZTFH with cyber security
Effective January 1, 2022, the National Assembly authorized the SZTFH to carry out cybersecurity tasks. Through its cyber security activities, the Authority promotes the compliance of domestically produced and developed products and services with cyber security requirements, thereby promoting the validation of cyber security as a competitive advantage on the market, and the appearance of these products and services on the EU single market. Another main priority of the Authority is to raise awareness in the field of cyber security, to make people aware of the threats appearing in cyberspace, and to help citizens navigate safely online.

30 New wave insurance – the world of insurtechs
Insurtech (insurance technology) is the area where modern technology and innovation meet the insurance sector.

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