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It was a mistake to give a red card… Vijay TV gave a chance to Pradeep Antony..! Kethu Man Kethu…

Biggboss Pradeep: Pradeep’s red card given to Antony in the Biggboss Tamil reality show last week became the talk of the social media. This became a big problem for Vijay TV. They are currently in the field to fix it.

All the fellow contestants have staked their claim on Pradeep Antony. He accused women of being a problem. As a result, they were called to the concourse and asked if they would give a red card, except for Archana, Visitra, and Dinesh, all of them gave a red card.

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Following this, the matter became critical among many. Many said that Pradeep did not escape. They proved the allegations to be false through the video. So when the fans expected that Kamal would come and apologize, Sabbi said that he had given the verdict after investigating. He asked many times whether he told the truth to his competitors.

Due to this, everyone is making accusations that injustice has happened to Pradeep. There is still criticism on Kamal. If Pradeep is allowed in the show saying that he did not escape, it will give a big black mark on Kamal.

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This is why Kamal did not agree to bring him back into the show. But the show management agreed to bring him for TRP. In the end, Kamal refused, so they are going to give another chance to Pradeep.

Pradeep Antony is being approached to direct a web series on Disney Hotstar. Because of this, they have asked to write a story for it. If the story written by Pradeep is OK, an official announcement is expected soon.

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