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It will be cheaper to charge electric cars

It will be cheaper to charge electric cars


The lower prices are effective from today.

At the end of last year, it was revealed that the MVM Mobiliti chargers were significantly more expensive charging electric cars. At that time, there was a charging solution that was almost three times more expensive. This affected electric car drivers painfully, but even with this, charging was significantly cheaper than if you had to refuel with gasoline or diesel.

A lot of misunderstandings and misconceptions about power cuts have come to light, and grumbling about the amount of the increase was common. Perhaps these complaints could reach the For mobility decision makersbecause yesterday the company website according to published news, from February 3, 2023, charging tariffs for electric cars will be reduced at the majority of public charging stations, by more than 20 percent in the case of certain types.

It's worth looking at which chargers are charged (Photo: Unsplash/JUICE)
It’s worth looking at which chargers are charged (Photo: Unsplash/JUICE)

According to the company’s announcement, instead of HUF 285/kWh for alternating current e-Mobi AC22 and municipally owned Type 2 chargers, only HUF 225/kWh must be paid from February 3.

At DC e-Mobi DC25 charging points and municipal CCS2 and CHAdeMO type chargers, the fee per kilowatt hour will be reduced from HUF 305 to HUF 240.

On the more powerful e-Mobi DC50 charging station, which uses time-based charging, you have to pay HUF 190 per minute instead of the HUF 240 per minute charge. These chargers are equipped with CCS2 CHAdeMO and/or Type 2 connectors.

The charge for chargers available in the parking lots of the Spar supermarket chain is also being reduced: instead of the previous tariff of HUF 225 per kilowatt hour, you will now have to pay HUF 170.

The per-minute fee of ultra-fast Recharge DC chargers operated by the Shell well network, which are considered the most expensive at the moment, will also decrease, from HUF 415 to HUF 405.

Mobiliti draws the attention of users to always check the current charging prices in the company’s official application and website before charging.

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