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It will be decided soon: after India, Japan may be the second to succeed in landing on the moon for the first time since the Apollo program – PCW

Will they succeed against them after the recent failure of the Russians and the Americans?

For the first time in many decades, outer space has once again become the “playground” of the great powers. Parties interested in space exploration have set themselves many missions and goals for the near future. Like fifty years ago, they again have the nearest celestial body, the Moon, in their frontal space. Although this was already discussed once in 1969 and the following three years, now everyone feels that the time has come to demonstrate the balance of power again.

THE Luna-25 and the Peregrine its recent failure, in the framework of which America and Russia burned billions of dollars, does not seem to have discouraged the countries interested in space travel. Although the Americans are also planning the Artemis III mission – most recently postponed to 2026 – with humans on board, and the Russians haven’t completely given up on traveling to the moon eithernow India for the first time, a “newbie” will have the opportunity to try to write himself into the history books.

Yet set off at the beginning of September with the SLIM (Smart Lander for Investigating Moon) spacecraft delivered by JAXA’s (Japanese Space Agency) self-developed HII-A rocket to land on the surface of the Moon at the beginning of this year. Last year, the agency already had an attempt to land, but then due to a malfunction, the device crashed into the surface of the celestial body.

In addition to the main unit (Lunar Excursion Vechile 1, LEV-1), the probe also carries a secondary rover (LEV 2), which weighs only a quarter of a kilogram. They hope that the experience gained during the SLIM mission will also be useful in the Artemis program, which aims to land a man on the moon.

The landing procedure will begin on Friday at 16:00 Hungarian time, and if everything goes according to plan, the device will arrive at the destination 20 minutes later. The device will land in a crater that has a direct connection to the lunar mantle, which is the part that connects the surface to the core, so they expect a lot of new information from its research that they would not be able to obtain otherwise. In fact, the research may shed light on the hitherto mysterious and only theoretical origin story of the Moon.

In addition, the research also wants to reveal the presence of water, which would greatly help the establishment of research bases here in the future.

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