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It will soon be possible to use state services with a mobile phone

Anyone can download the state mobile application, and after registration it can be used for personal identification using a QR code that is scanned by the official.

Soon, it will be possible to use a mobile phone to use state services, for example, it will be possible to manage affairs digitally – said the deputy general manager responsible for the implementation of the Digital Citizenship Program. András Both said that the systematic construction in the field of state IT has been going on for more than ten years: first broadband internet connection was provided in homes and mobile phones, and later also in municipalities and government offices.

This was followed by the construction of the central infrastructure, which means that server rooms were created and the various registers were connected, he added. According to the deputy general manager, all that remains is to create state services that can be used even with a smartphone.

“So the basics are in place, and now comes the time when our IDs and administration will move to the mobile phone,” said András Both, adding that the classic administration options will still be available in the government window.

He called it a novelty that the mobile phone will be suitable for personal identification after the program is activated, so this can replace the identity card in the case of a police identification.

He emphasized that digital administration enables safer solutions than before, which can include, for example, multi-factor identification. According to András Both, the future in this field will be that the personal identification system will be expanded, so that it can even be used in tobacco shops or museums, and additional state services will be integrated into the program.

The deputy general manager also said on the M1 current channel about the Digital Citizenship Program prepared by the Prime Minister’s Cabinet Office that anyone will be able to download the state mobile application, and after registration it can be used for personal identification with the help of a QR code, which the official (for example, a police officer ) reads.

He added that the application could replace the plastic card for police identification as early as this year, while in tobacco shops it will only be possible to verify age with it later. With the help of the application, for example, it will be possible to request a moral certificate and download it with the press of a button – he explained.

He also announced that, according to their plans, users will have access to electronic signatures in addition to personal identification and some other administration this year, but in the future they would also like to involve market players, such as banks, utilities and telecommunications companies, so that the their portals can be accessed using the application.

“We want to ensure that citizens don’t have to memorize seven hundred different passwords and usernames, but can access everywhere through one channel, but it should be really secure,” emphasized András Both.

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