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It’s a jerk even if you show it like this next door!

Vani Bhojan

Vani Bhojan turned to cinema after being a serial actress. He has acted in serials like Aaga, Maya, Deivamamal, Lakshmi Vandachu.


But, the surprising thing about this is that he acted in some movies before going to the serial. Due to lack of proper opportunities, he went to serial side.


Although he acted in a few movies, the movie Oh My God made him famous among the fans. Because he got a good role in that film.

After that he acted in some films including Lockup, Malaysia to Amnesia, Mahan, Miral. Also, he has finished acting in some movies now.

On the one hand, like other actresses, she has been trying to sway her fans by sharing her photos on social media in clichéd clothes.

In this case, Vani Bhojan’s new photos are going viral on the internet.


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