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“It’s a shame that I didn’t get a chance to bid for a bigger sum!” – Tamil Thalaivas Masanamuthu | Tamil Thalaivas player Masanamuthu exclusive interview about his career

It will be difficult when you are separated from your father and mother. In such a difficult situation, the memory of the parents was overwhelming. There was no memory of parents during training and competition. If you go to play kabaddi at a young age, you will get many injuries, scolded at home. But, I will play if they know. The matches will be played at night in the city sides. At night when everyone at home was asleep, I would go to play kabaddi without them knowing. Now they are very happy thinking of me. This is what they did not expect! When everyone around said ‘your boy is playing well’ they got a boost of confidence.

I never expected to bid for 31 lakhs. I was expecting to go into some team for the base price. I am very happy that the auction went for this big amount. We have bid for this amount. Sometimes there is pressure to play like that.

There were regrets that we did not get many opportunities even after taking such a large amount in the auction. There are still many competitions. I hope to get big opportunities in the upcoming competitions.

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