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It’s not what you’re imagining.

The intelligence of the Egyptians once again surprises experts.

They prove that the Sphinx of Egypt was not created by humans: it is not what you are imagining
It is one of the most monumental works in the Giza complex.

The technology that the Egyptians used for their royal and religious works was enormous and very well thought out. For centuries they perfected their techniques, something that we can see in the most absolute perfection in the centuries-long process that catalyzed the constructions of the pyramids of Cheops, Khafre and Mycerinus. First stepped pyramids were built, and then others with different shapes until perfection was achieved in the latter built in the 26th century BC c.. It is striking to think that many people try to take credit away from the expert Egyptian engineers who managed to do something incredible with means that only left room for ingenuity. For this reason, many times, they assert that the great public works of the past – and, above all, coincidentally, by non-European peoples – were not built by them, but by aliens or supernatural beings. It is usually part of a fairly well internalized racism.

Therefore, when a team of mathematicians asserted that the Sphinx of Giza had not been created by humans, all the alarms went off. However, it has turned out to be a turn of events as interesting as unexpected and which once again demonstrates that Egyptian expertise not only consisted of make up for the lack of resources with a huge workforce but in thinking about projects and carrying them out in a way that is truly harmonious with their environment.

After all, the people of Antiquity have shaped our world in a surprising way. Some of the most beautiful fantasy landscapes in our country They have been modeled by the work of the ancient inhabitants of these regions. At times, they even go so far as to challenge the ability of produce objects that we thought could only be made in the 21st century.

The sphinx was not created by humans

A group of mathematicians from New York University has published an article in which it has been possible to clarify the origin of one of the most famous monuments of all time to demonstrate that the Sphinx of Giza was not sculpted by humans.

Using complex AI simulations, they have determined that the Great Sphinx of Giza it really was sculpted by the desert wind. Something that some experts such as Farouk El-Baz, an Egyptian-American who worked with NASA in lunar exploration and who He has also expressed his theories about the formation of the Great Sphinx. Especially when he studied it in the 80s.

Consequently, it seems that they have been able to discover that the Egyptians They simply carved the legs and face out of the stone.as well as other details that served to give realism to the work. Thus, they really did not have to worry at any time about giving it the shape it has since the wind had done it on its own favoring the fulfillment of its objective. This highlights a very smart work management.

Scientists created models of yardangscompact earth formations shaped by the desert wind and created simulations to see if this shape could be given to the sphinx. The result was a complete success. However, historians and archaeologists are against this theory. According to the cnnSalima Ikram considers that the simulations are poorly done from the point where the sphinx It is not made of compact earth, but limestoneTherefore, it is impossible to think that natural erosion affects one material in the same way as another.

For Ikram, the human part was fundamental for the development of this work, so the disparity of opinions is served.

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