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It’s time to put on your summer tires, don’t forget these three things!

When the weather warms up, driving with winter tires can quickly become life-threatening.

Starting with a daily average temperature of over 7 degrees in the summer tires they already provide better traction than winter tires, which is why motorists typically attack the specialists in the second half of March. Many people are already happy if they get an appointment at all, and if they get the right wheels for the season.

Winter-summer tire changes should be left to a professional (Photo: Unsplash/Tekton)
Winter-summer tire changes should be left to a professional (Photo: Unsplash/Tekton)

Be proactive and check in at the tire service on time, even if it is mounted on separate rims your winter-summer wheel set there is

Many motorists have already decided to use winter and summer sets mounted on separate rims. Thus, seasonal replacement is faster than rubber tires, the light metal rims are not corroded by the salt, and if all the ropes break, you can even put the wheels on yourself at home if the snow falls unexpectedly. In this case, however, I recommend that you visit your favorite tire repair shop, because when changing wheels at home, we cannot carry out all the checks and maintenance that the specialists in the repair shop do automatically

¬ said István Tomin, head of technical customer service at Hankook Tire Budapest Kft.

The following sub-tasks during the tire change are extremely important for safe driving, so be sure to pay attention to them or ask for the help of a specialist.

Balance of assembled tires and rims

Hankook’s expert emphasized that wheel balance is a delicate matter. As the tires wear, the balance of the wheels changes, so they must be centered at least once a year. Even a minimal deviation can lead to disturbing vibrations and worse vehicle stability, which not only impairs performance but also the driving experience. That is why it is worth visiting a specialist even if the winter and summer sets are mounted on separate rims in the garage waiting for the current season.

Re-tightening the wheel nuts after installing the wheels

When changing tires, it is very important to clean the contact surfaces, screw threads, and tighten the wheel bolts with the appropriate torque. Dust, gravel and pieces of rust must not block the screwing. These small impurities can damage the thread, which can reduce the clamping force. In specialized workshops, mechanics carry out the necessary cleaning in seconds and fix the wheels professionally with a torque wrench. Rely on them, as the proper fastening of the wheels is a basic requirement for traffic safety. In order to drive as safely as possible, it is recommended to check the screws after driving 50 kilometers and, if necessary, tighten them all again, because they may loosen due to the vibration caused by traffic. Even if you changed the wheels at home, visit a tire shop to check the tightening of the bolts and the air pressure.

Checking and replacing the condition of the valves

The importance of the valve does not need to be emphasized, since it is the basic element of air retention. However, it must not be forgotten that it is partly made of rubber or that a rubber ring ensures the air seal (metal valves, TPMS valves), so the valve (ring) also ages. During the seasonal tire change, everyone must have already noticed that the mechanics automatically change the rubber valves and also check the proper fastening of the metal housings. Rubber valves are exposed to high heat, ozone and UV radiation and age much faster than tires. Be sure to visit a specialist to regularly replace them and check their condition. It’s a penny item and can save you from a dangerous flat tire or, better yet, the annoyance of starting the day with a tire change in the morning.

A mechanic with the right tools can carry out these maintenance works in a few minutes, and he also filters out problems that could later cause a breakdown or an accident. And if it’s time to buy new summer tires, the experts can also help you choose the right type. This may be important to many people, as there are many tires designed for different vehicles available today: the Hankook Ventus Prime4 tire, for example, provides excellent wet grip, the Kynergy eco2 was designed with fuel economy in mind, and the Ventus S1 evo3 is designed for powerful performance and excellent because of its handling, it can be a perfect choice for those who like to drive more sportily

István Tomin added.

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