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It’s yours for 160 euros less for a limited time

It is the perfect purchase because it has a top-notch screen, a very powerful processor, high-quality cameras and 5 years of updates ahead of it.

Xiaomi destroys the price of its new cheap high-end: it is yours for 160 euros less for a limited time
You can buy this very powerful Xiaomi on sale in the color that you like the most, like this beautiful meadow green color.

It’s been just over a month since the launch of the Xiaomi 13Tthe brand’s new cheap high-end, but now you can buy it with a brutal discount. The offer comes from the store itself. Xiaomiwhich allows you to buy this Xiaomi 13T for a unbeatable price for the rest of the stores. It originally costs 659.99 euros, but It plummets to 499.99 euros on the Xiaomi website in the color you like the most.

For less than 500 euros you can buy a smartphone that offers a experience that borders on the high-premium range many times. It has a very powerful processor, a top-notch screen and cameras that impress with their quality and versatility. The autonomy is also good and, in addition, it has 5 years of updates secured in front. In short, it is a perfect purchase to enjoy the best quality without paying a lot of money.

This Xiaomi 13T drops to 499.99 euros during this saturday and this sundaytakes the opportunity before offer ends. It also has a very good price in PcComponentes, where it is around 510 euroswhile on Amazon it slightly exceeds 520 euros. As you can see, no other store matches the price on the Xiaomi website for this beast.

Xiaomi 13T

Buy the new Xiaomi 13T for 160 euros less

The Xiaomi 13T has never been so cheap, that’s why we recommend taking advantage of the 160 euros discount it has now. For that reason and because it exudes quality in all its sections. The first of them is performance, with a processor MediaTek Dimension 8200-Ultra that wastes power and can run any app with great ease. The experience with the Xiaomi 13T, even when playing the most demanding games.

Everything you do will be seen with a very high quality in the large 6.67-inch AMOLED screen that floods its front. It has Full HD+ resolution (2712 x 1220 pixels), a refresh rate of 144 hertz and a maximum brightness of 2,600 nits. All this translates into spectacular imagesone of the best on the entire market, which is why this Xiaomi 13T is such a good buy for less than 500 euros.

Xiaomi 13T screen

The Xiaomi 13T screen brings together the best features.

Its quality is also reflected in the versatile and very advanced camera system. On the back it has a 50 MP main lens, a 50 MP telephoto that you fall in love with and a 12 MP wide angle, while on the front it has a 20 MP camera. Keep in mind that this Xiaomi 13T takes very good photos, as well as records 4K videos with optical image stabilizer.

The great experience offered by this terminal continues in the autonomy section. Ride one 5,000 mAh battery with which it will not be difficult for you to reach the end of the day with remaining energy, 30-40%. Furthermore, being compatible with 67W fast chargingYou will need just over half an hour to complete the charge. Both the charger and the protective case come in the box, a appreciated detail.

Xiaomi 13T

Wait, because there is more. With the purchase of the Xiaomi 13T you will be getting a mobile phone that has 4 years of Android updates and 5 years of security updates in front. So you are assured that it will be up to date for a long, long time. There are other key details, such as a great build quality with a body made of aluminum and glass, as well as an excellent on-screen fingerprint reader.

The summary is that this Xiaomi 13T offers a fantastic experienceYou will enjoy its very high quality every day. You know that now you have historical minimum price in the Xiaomi store, where you can buy it for only 499.99 euros during this weekend. Furthermore, you already know that it usually has very good price at PcComponentes.

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