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Jakab Roland became the CEO of the HUN-REN Hungarian Research Network

The goal is that from 2025, HUN-REN will switch to a structure that supports research work more effectively than at present.

Balázs Gulyás, president of HUN-REN, appointed Roland Jakab as the CEO of the HUN-REN Hungarian Research Network with effect from January 1. According to the announcement of the organization, in addition to his new position, Jakab Roland will also retain his membership in the HUN-REN Management Board since July 15, 2023.

As is known, after the amendment of the relevant law, the transformation of HUN-REN’s governing body into a center began on January 1. In the HUN-REN Center, under the leadership of Roland Jakab, they are working to raise the level of support for research sites and become a real center, which relieves researchers of the administrative burden burdening them in certain areas of monitoring, assessment and exploitation of innovation potential, communication, and operation. and bureaucratic tasks.

The goal is that from 2025, HUN-REN will switch to a structure that supports research work more effectively than at present, as well as to introduce results-based funding that encourages progress in the international arena.

It is an honor for Jakab Roland that he can manage the process of leveling up, which is also indicated by the transformation into a center, as the CEO, and he is committed to supporting the achievement of their common goals, together with the president Balázs Gulyás and all the employees of HUN-REN, giving the best of his professional knowledge.

“The emergence of artificial intelligence, like in many other fields, fundamentally changes the world of research, so we will immediately begin the development of HUN-REN’s comprehensive AI strategy. This is a technological revolution that simultaneously represents a huge development opportunity for those who recognize its importance in time, and a huge risk of disengagement for those who do not use it. This is true not only for research work, but also for science management: AI can also play an amazing role in reducing manual administration, which is why the HUN-REN Center is one of the first to integrate into its own systems the emerging new solutions.”

According to the announcement, President Balázs Gulyás defined as a priority task the strengthening of HUN-REN’s scientific and innovation capabilities in international competition, as well as increasing the social, economic and intellectual impact by including research and innovation results in the value chain. In the fall of 2023, the preparation of the comprehensive evaluation process of the network’s research sites began, which lays the foundation for the decisions that will allow HUN-REN to become the flagship of the János Neumann Program announced by the government, and along the strategy defined therein, scientific and innovative performance will contribute to improving Hungary’s international position regarding.

In the past 23 years, Jakab Roland has held numerous domestic and regional management positions at Ericsson Magyarország Kft. in the areas of corporate management, strategy, and R&D. Initially, he performed strategic business consulting tasks, then developed and managed system integration and mobile banking projects. After that, he was responsible for the sale of multimedia products in Hungary and Macedonia. In 2008, he was appointed Director of Marketing and Communications, then Deputy General Manager. From 2013, he became the managing director of Ericsson Magyarország Kft., and from 2018, he became the strategic director of Ericsson’s Central European region, which covers eight countries.

In the course of his professional corporate activities, he took a leading role in the domestic introduction of numerous technological innovations (3G, 4G, 5G) and in the domestic dissemination of state-of-the-art research and development – artificial intelligence, IoT, Edge Computing, cloud technology, XR – as well as in strengthening the company’s university relations. He is well acquainted with the actors of the Hungarian and international R&D ecosystem, and with many professional and social organizations – including the Artificial Intelligence Coalition, the 5G Coalition, the Hungarian European Business Council, the Hungarian Swedish Chamber of Commerce, the Together for Future Engineers Association, the Supporters of the University and Bárati Kore Egyesület – manages it.

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