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Jayalalithaa who left half acting and moved to another film… The director who made the film waited

The 1965 film Vennira Adaisha is an adaptation of an English film. Directed by Sridhar, the film has greatly impressed Tamil cinema fans. Introduction of Jayalalithaa. Paired with Srikanth. Nirmala and Murthy made their debut in the film. Since this is their first film, they took the name of the film as their epithet.

Director Sridhar

The way Murthy came to act in a white dress in this film is interesting. It was director Sridhar’s important assistant, NJ Chakraborty, who introduced Murthy. Are you beautiful to look at?

Sridhar asked how you will act in a comedy role. Sridhar was impressed by Murthy’s response to say that my beautiful face is acting as an enemy. Hearing that, Sridhar decided that he was the comedian in the film.


Sridhar planned to complete the film in a short time as everyone was a newcomer. The first shoot went exactly as planned. But Jayalalitha was the reason why she couldn’t continue with the shoot after that. Director BR Bandhulu signed Jayalalithaa to play opposite MGR in Ayirathil Oruvan.

So Jayalalitha has given priority to that film and gone for that film. Sridhar would definitely have replaced her if she had been any other actress in the same role. But because Jayalalitha’s performance in Vennira Adaisha perfectly suited the role, he waited for her and completed the film.

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