EntertainmentJayalalithaa would be shocked if she saw them.

Jayalalithaa would be shocked if she saw them.


Actress Jayalalitha made her debut as a child star in the Tamil film industry in 1961. But she looks like a very brave woman and very rusty. If you look at Jayalalitha, you will not think that she is new to cinema.



It’s all bloodline through his mother. Jayalalitha made her debut as a heroine in the 1965 film Venniradai. Jayalalitha completely changed the routine of Tamil actresses till then. That means she became the first actress to act in modern clothes.

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An actress who speaks English fluently, she was very interested in many arts like reading books, Bharatham and dance. This is why she became MGR’s favorite actress. Jayalalitha was also a fan of MGR.



That’s why everyone crawled in the film industry as a desirable on-screen couple. Together they acted in 28 films together. Most of the films in which both of them acted together turned out to be blockbuster films.

At this stage, Jayalalitha’s last film with MGR was the film ‘Pattikkattu Ponnaiya’. Sakul, who was the stunt master’s assistant in the film and who dubbed MGR in many films, said a few things about Jayalalithaa.



That means Jayalalithaa doesn’t like stunt performers. Never know why. He would talk to other actors and not just to his fellow actors in fight scenes. Sakul said that he doesn’t like us. Sakul said he was a bit surprised but he didn’t understand why. Sakul told his experience through that film in an interview.

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