Home Android News Jim Parsons will play Sheldon Cooper for the last time

Jim Parsons will play Sheldon Cooper for the last time

Jim Parsons will play Sheldon Cooper for the last time


And Mayim Bialik will once again be Amy Farrah Fowler

Jim Parsons will play Sheldon Cooper for the last time
Sheldon and Amy, just like that

young sheldon has given us very good moments throughout its now seven seasons but, inevitably, it has to end. She will do it but not before giving us a nice surprisewhich is none other than the reappearance of Jim Pearson like the adult Sheldon we saw and loved in Big Bang Theory; and she will not be alone.

Talking with Entertainment tonightthe actor, who has also lent his voice In this spin off, he opened up about his experience in what will be the end of the serieswhere will reappear with Mayim BialikAmy Farrah Fowler, and that it will air on May 16.

“It was even nicer than I expected,” Parsons said. “One of the reasons I was excited to do it is because what they wrote is very pretty and I think they integrated us into Mayim [Bialik] and me in the series in a wonderful way. I hope everyone agrees.”

He continues: “But also for us the way they film, because they are a single-camera show and we are multi-camera, the whole aspect of the show was a really special experience. Go with Mayim, in a world where we are real guests, and see these characters again a little older“It was a completely different circumstance.”

Where to watch ‘Young Sheldon’?

In Spain, young sheldon It is broadcast free-to-air on the Neox channel belonging to the Atresmedia group, but if we have missed it until now and want to see it on one of the services we have contracted, we probably won’t have too many problems, since the sitcom is available on Multiple providersalthough the exception is its sixth seasonfor now.

  • Away and Netflix. Although it only has 5 seasons of the 6 already broadcast.
  • Watch on Prime Video from Amazon. As in the case of Netflix, it only has the first 5 seasons available, at least in our country.
  • See on Movistar+. Now yes. Movistar+ broadcasts exclusively for now the sixth season of young sheldonand it is possible that he will also do the same with the final season.

‘Young Sheldon’ will have its own spin off

Is it will center in the characters of George Cooper Jr., played by Montana Jordan, and his girlfriend Mandy, whose role fell to Emily Osment, who was a regular on Hannah Montana. Sheldon’s brother and sister-in-law will face the challenges of raising a middle class family in Texas.

“It has been a privilege to spend the last seven years with Sheldon and the Cooper family and now this wonderful journey will continue with Georgie and Mandy,” said Amy Reisenbach, president of CBS Entertainment. “Chuck and both Steves [Molaro y Holland] have done a masterful job developing these characters and entertaining generations of fans with heartwarming and endearing stories brought to life by Montana and Emily. “We look forward to the next chapter in this beloved universe.”

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