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Joe Kerry leaves Hawkins to get into more trouble in Marmalade, a new love and heist thriller

It will be released in February

Joe Kerry leaves Hawkins to get into more trouble in Marmalade, a new love and heist thriller

In United States healthcare is expensiveand it seems that it has always been that way according to the synopsis of Jamthe next movie he will star in Joe KerrySteve Harrington is Strange thingsa series that has yet to reveal its end, something that will happen in a fifth season which will not arrive for a few months in 2024 if it does not go directly to 2025, as it would not be difficult for it to happen.

He will not be alone in this film, which also represents the Keir O’Donnell’s directorial debutwho has also written the script for this Jamwho is easier to recognize for his roles as an actor in films such as From wedding to wedding, pulled apart, superpoli shopping center oh The Sniperwhere he was under the orders of the incombustible Clint Eastwood.

Along with Kerry, the main protagonist of this film that will be released in theaters on February 9 it will be Argentina Camila Morronwho debuted in the world of cinema in 2013 with bukowskiby James Franco. Recently we have been able to see her in the musical miniseries Daisy Jones and the Sixfor what has been nominated for an Emmy award as best supporting actress.

Completing the main trio Aldis Hodge, Alec Hardison in the series The rules of the gamewho will do prision partner of an ill-fated Kerry, Baron in the film at hand and whose trailer you can see below.

Synopsis of Jam

Jam it’s a romantic story with criminal overtones that keeps the viewer on the edge of the seat. Baron (Keery), recently released from prison, befriends his cellmate Otis (Hodge), a man with extensive experience in prison escapes. While the two hatch an escape plan, Baron remembers the story of how he met Marmalade (Morrone), the love of his life, and his bonnie and clyde to rob a bank in order to care for his sick mother and give the couple the life they have always dreamed of.

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