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Just friends.. but? There is no chance to act with Vijay!.. Ajith openly said that day!..


Vijay-Ajith have established themselves in the ranks of MGR-Shivaji, Rajini-Kamal who were the twin legends of Tamil cinema. Today, their speech is being widely talked about on the internet. Tomorrow these two will face each other after almost 14 years.


vijay ajith

Tamil fans all over the world are eagerly waiting to see who among them will register success. I can’t even imagine what the situation would be for the fans if the two acted together.

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Venkat Prabhu had already said that he would definitely make a film with both of them. And both of them had acted together in the film Rajavin Pariyile. Ajith has also acted in the film Neruku Neru. Suriya joined after he left due to some reason.


vijay ajith

Ajith has been very clear about this in an interview before. I mean I am doing a film and Mr. Vijay is also doing a film. 1000 families will benefit from both the films separately. If it acts together, there is a possibility that the number of some people will decrease. I don’t think so.

And I got an opportunity to act in multi-starrer films. I don’t agree with that. Both of us have separate markets. Act accordingly. Even if you act beyond that, there will be a problem in composing the songs in the film. Some songs can become hits.


vijay ajith

Because of the non-hit songs, it will disappoint the concerned fans. So politics issues arise. I don’t think so. Even if you act for the fans, you should have a good story. Both Rajini sir and Kamal sir have acted in many films together. Those kinds of stories should not be passed on to anyone.

We have competition. But it is healthy competition. It’s not in Personal. Ajith has said in that interview that basically we are both good friends.

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