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Just one cigarette!.. Rajini who rejected the chance to film Mullum Malarum.. Did such a thing happen?

Director Mahendran met superstar Rajinikanth for the first time in Audubuli Atham. Kamal and Rajini acted together in this film. Director Mahendran wrote the script for the film. He was a heavy smoker. One day during the shoot, Mahendran was sitting in the make-up room checking the script. Then his cigarette was empty.

He came out of the room. He looked to see if there was anyone standing next to him to buy cigarettes. There was no one there. There are no shops. Then cigarette smoke came from the next room.



Mahendran went to the next room very happy. If you go there, superstar Rajinikanth was there. Mahendran smiled and told him that he was writing the script for this film. He also asked if he could have a cigarette.

As Rajini also smiled, Mahendran took out a cigarette from the cigarette packet. That’s how the Rajini-Mahendran friendship started. They became close friends in a very short time.

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At that time, Rajini was living in a one-storey house in Rayapetta. Vidiya Mahendran and Rajini will talk about cinema in that house. It was at that meeting that Mahendran realized how Rajini’s performance was. That’s how Mahendran decided that Rajini is the right person for the role of Kali in Mullum Malarum.

Rajini agreed to act in the film the minute he heard the story. Rajini turned into Kali due to his crush on the character of Kali in the film. This is the reason why we don’t get to see the usual stylish Rajini in the film.

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