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Just one video!..Gavin suddenly trending on social media..is that the thing?..

Directed by Ilan, Gavin’s new film is titled Star. Aditi Bohankar, who starred in the Hindi porn web series She Webseries, is playing opposite Gavin in the film.

In this case, the crew has suddenly released a video of Aditi Bohangar’s character name Jimmy, smiling while wearing a sudidar dress on the beach.

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After that video was released, Aditi Bohankar did not trend. In response to him, Kavin’s fans took social media by storm with the hashtag #Kavin.

When Gavin played the role of a hunter in Saravanan Meenakshi series, he got a lot of fans. While Gavin left Bigg Boss with Betty, many fans joined Gavin in the romance and breakup between him and Laslia, a contestant that season.

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After Bigg Boss, Gavin starrer Lift was a hit, and last year’s Tata was a blockbuster hit, grossing over 50 crores. Next while Gavin is acting in the film Star directed by Ilan, Aditi Bohankar will be acting opposite him in the film and the film crew has released the video of his character, Gavin’s army has appeared and brought him trending.

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